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  • Where do diseases come from? more..
  • Where do problems in life come from?
  • Could the reason be something other than “just karma” or “just destiny”?
  • Why don’t you feel good at home?
  • Why do you have misfortunes and losses in life?
  • Can you improve something in your life without visualizations and creative efforts?

The most probable and unusual reason is your home!
If you take a careful look at these pages, you can find the cause of your problems and an unusual and unexpected solution to many of them.

This is the best and most effective way to improve your life.

Enjoy this unique creation based on 15 years of assembling and analyzing hundreds of Feng Shui methods … and the truth about it.


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For a period of 15 years in my life when I was researching about Feng Shui, I have been confronted almost daily with evidence of our attachment to our dwelling space. During this period, I became convinced that our home has a profound impact on our lives, our health, and the events that are happening to us.
This book will provide answers to many questions, but it will mainly clarify another view of your health – more specifically what is making us ill.
The biggest motivation to publish this book is the COVID-19 pandemic with millions affected people and thousands victims.

We have clear indications that our homes are ill thus causing our society to fall ill along with our spirituality.

How can we bring negative energy with decorations, flooring and furniture placement.

This information is important for people who are often ill. For people who are now at the frontline and who are so close to the infection. For those who have frequent accidents, for the sick, for seekers of happiness … and anyone who wants to change their way of life for the better.






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