the energy of our homes

The homes in which we all live are divided into two groups with different vibrations. Why are they different?

 Due to the difference in directions. let’s look at the four main directions – for each of them we have an association – east / sunrise, west / sunset, south / warm, north / cold. This is an indication for own energy with the different value. 

The world directions are connected with the five elements, that is, they possess the energy of the five elements.


nine zones of the home
Natural places of the elements
matter of the five elements

Тhe matter that we have in our home also has different energy values. Every object made of natural matter “communicates” with our living space. This manifests itself in three ways – you can strengthen each of the nine areas in the home, you can weaken it or destroy it.

Our homes contain nine zones – all important areas of life:
Health, children, marriage and love relationships, career, knowledge, fame, useful people, family. These areas have a strong connection with the world directions.

The elements in the home are associated with certain organs, a family member, and an area of life. You can easily find out where there is an imbalance or adverse factors in your life sphere, a diseased organ, or problems of a different nature for a member of your family.

North – the ears, teeth, bone marrow, bones, circulatory system, kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands, genitals, lymphatic system and the brain. The element of water is related to the Northern sector of the dwelling and has a direct impact on the health and life of the middle son in the family.
East, Southeast – eyes, liver, veins and tendons, muscle joints, wrists and soles. The element of wood, associated with the East sector of the dwelling has a direct impact on the health and life of the eldest son in the family. The element of wood, associated with the Southeast sector of the dwelling has a direct impact on the health and life of the eldest daughter in the family
South – the heart, the tongue, small intestines, immune system. The element of fire is linked to the South sector of the dwelling and has a direct impact on the health and life of the middle daughter in the family.
Southwest, Northeast, Centre – the spleen, the stomach, the pancreas, the mouth, the flesh, female genitalia (Southwest), heart (Centre). The element of earth, which is connected to the Southwest sector of the dwelling, has a direct impact on the health and life of the mother in the family. The element of earth which is connected to the Northeast sector has a direct impact on the health and life of the youngest son in the family.
West, Northwest – lungs, colon, skin and nose. The element of metal which is connected to the Northwest sector of the dwelling has a direct impact on the health and life of the father in the family. The element of metal, which is connected to the West sector of the dwelling, has a direct impact on the health and life of the youngest daughter in the family.

Using your health condition, it is possible to get an idea of how to find the most probable source of health problems! Diseases in most cases originate from afflicted energy in the home. For example, if you suffer from problems with your teeth, kidneys or blood pressure, you need to carefully inspect the sector North in your home for an earth element or items with negative energy.

The difference in vibration is determined by the direction in which the home “sits”. In our home they received a touchpoint  – the center of the home.
Оn the basis of the differences of the directions they are differentiated four favorable and four unfavorable areas in the home. 

Unfavorable layouts of the home:

They can contribute to different incidents, a lot of troubles, even death. I would use the following – the “four beasts” in the home.

The unfavourable personal directions of sleep have similar effect. If you have an active negative spot in your home, it is likely that you will often experience the following problems in your life:

Ho Hai (Obstacles and mishaps) Unlucky” is related to anger, depression and incidents – frequent falls, stumbling and irritation in your throat, as if someone is grabbing you by the throat. This is a place of frequent illnesses.

Lui Sha “Six Killings” is associated with postponing of all kinds, losses of all kinds, legal issues, poor health and frequent family scandals. It can be recognized by a spicy sensation in the throat and nose, as well as by a frequently running nose. If you are often looking for something that has just come to your attention and is not there in the next moment, it is very likely that this place in your home is active.

Wu Kwei “Five Ghosts” has to do with futile plans, thefts, fires and financial difficulties. There is no physical sensation for this, which makes it dangerous for the home itself because of the risk of fires. The main sign that you can recognize it by is the strange activity of the fire in the home, which carries a constant fire risk – while you are cooking there are hissing, wheezing and crackling sounds. There are frequent short circuits and similar problems with the equipment. Cigarettes constantly falling from the ashtrays. If something in your home is on fire or is burning, check for activity of this location.

Chueh MingDeath/disaster” is associated with total loss, it can contribute to life-threatening illnesses, catastrophes and disasters. If this location is active you are in danger of losing everything – your status in society, your resources, your goodwill and even your life.

It is recognized by the constant noise in one’s ears and slight dizziness that sometimes surrounds you like a veil. If this aspect is affected, sometimes you may lose your sight for seconds … in most cases, you do not see any potential danger.

How to achieve happiness by taking care of one thing – your home.

Favorable layouts of the home:

Good places in the home are directly related to a good and peaceful life, these are the layouts – health, longevity, good luck and realisation as well as prosperity, their names show clearly enough their value. These layouts in the dwelling need to be activated by the element that creates them in the genesis cycle. If there is a cycle of destruction in them, it is very likely that your life will suffer in some way. If I am to describe the energy in these places in but a few words, I would use the following – the Guardian Angels in the home.

Fu Wei “Personal Growth” – this location brings good luck and realisation. This is the place of peace, harmony and synchronicity.

Tien Yi “Heavently Doctor” is associated with good health, vitality, good friends and small financial rewards.

Yan Nian “Longevity” – this is the place in the home that brings harmony and good relationships in the family. It has to do with longevity and quiet old times.

Sheng Chi “ Prosperity” – this is the place in the home that brings prosperity and abundance. Take a care about it because it symbolizes development and progress

What can you learn here?

How the energy of the home can be destroyed, leading to illness and life problems – learn what the signs are.

What are the favorable locations of the home – the „four Angels“ and what are they related to?

What are the unfavorable locations of the home – the „four beasts“, what are they connected with and what sensations are they connected with?

How to balance the energy of home with that of nature and feel as good at home as outside?
We have nine important areas in life – how to take care of them?

Who are the hidden enemies in the home?

Where do depressions, unhappiness and losses in your life come from?…and more.

Do you know what happens to the energy in your home?

Where are the unfavourable places in your home and how to deal with them?

How the placement of matter can lead to illness, depression, accidents, lack of money and more?

The tension you initially feel can be reduced within hours, even minutes.. But how?

What are personal directions?

How do we bring destructive energies into our home and cause diseases to ourselves?

What are the factors that make our organs vulnerable?

Look at your home from a different perspective. Find what’s causing you discomfort.

Learn methods that do not require you to visualize, wait for a lunar cycle or clutter your home with various symbols and statuettes.

And something important connected to the current COVID-19 pandemic:

What is the hidden factor that determines the statistics of the current pandemic?

Our lungs, where are we vulnerable in our homes? Do the factors in our home lead to a higher risk of COVID-19 infection of even worse?

Introduction to the different areas of your home. Which one is related to the lungs? How to identify the signals for available risk of disease? How to deal with the problem once we have identified it?

This is the main theme of the “Healing” e-book